Product Details:

Rich, Creamy & Tasty Lollipop. The rich and milky taste make it one of the favorite brands amongst kids and youths. Currently it is available in Cream Strawberry & Caramel flavor.


Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Butter, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Milk Cream, Whole Milk Powder, Acidity Regulator, Maltodextrin, Edible Common Salt (Iodized), Emulsifier, Humectant, Dextrose, Malt Extract, Antioxidant, Contains permitted synthetic food colors and added flavors (Natural identical flavoring substances)- strawberry & vanillin.

Brand NameSKUPack FormBarcode
Aril Lollipop (Assorted)60pcsHanger0725765165206N/A100
Aril Lollipop (Assorted)36pcsJar0725765165206N/A100