Abul Khair Group, one of the leading conglomerates of Bangladesh, started its journey as a tobacco marketing company back in 1953. With headquarter based in the commercial capital of the country, Chittagong, the group has now flourished into a multi-business portfolio with fast moving consumer goods, steel, cement, ceramics, marble, shipping and trading business. Consumer goods division of Abul Khair Group or commonly known as AKCGD started its journey in 1994 when Star Ship Condensed Milk was first introduced. Star Ship Condensed Milk still continues to lead the market with dominant market share.


In 1997, MARKS Full Cream Milk Powder was launched as a brand under full cream milk powder category. Since launch, the brand has gradually become household name in powder milk category. The brand has successfully acquired an iconic stature through providing consistent superior quality as well as making significant social contributions. MARKS Allrounder, one of the largest talent hunting shows for school going children has been successfully o rganized by AKCGD for several times, widely known for its achievement in bringing the hidden young talents into the light. Besides MARKS, Star Ship Full Cream Milk Powder and AMA Full Cream Milk Powder, other two milk powder brands with significant market share, have also been marketed for long time.


In 1998, Star Ship Mango Drink was launched under the beverage category. The product line has been gradually extended to Star Ship Flavored Milk- Chocolate, StarShip Mango Milk Drink, StarShip Litchi Drink Flavored. Shaad Litchi Drink and Shaad Orange Drink and recently launched MARKS Active School -Belgian Chocolate Milk Shake, Cookies & Cream Milk Shake, Strawberry Ice-Cream Milk Shake.


SEYLON Tea was introduced in the market in 2004. Within a decade, it has successfully become one of the leading tea brands in Bangladesh. The brand always focuses on innovation as a priority. The brand is the pioneer in introducing pyramid shaped teabags in Bangladesh. Besides that, SEYLON was the first brand to launch Double Chamber stapleless teabags in Bangladesh. Recently SEYLON has introduced new blend specially marketed for families under the name SEYLON Family Blend.


In 2006, Shaad Chanachur was launched under snacks category. The brand was later re-launched as Kurmure Chanachur and the product line has been extended to Kurmure Dal, Kurmure Green Peas and Kurmure Chui Jhalmuri.​

Lastly, AKCGD entered into confectionary category in 2012 with the launch of Kids Candy. At present, three different brands, named Masala Mango, CoffeeBite and Kids Candy with nine different variants are produced and marketed.

AKCGD now caters not only to the huge demand in home but also to the Middle Eastern countries along with India, Pakistan and Nepal. With certificates from organizations like ISO, HACCP and BSTI, the company is well recognized both nationally and internationally.


Brand Introduction Chronology


1993: Condensed Milk (Star Ship Condensed Milk)

1996: Powder Milk (Star Ship Full Cream Milk Powder)

1997: Powder Milk (MARKS Full Cream Milk Powder)

2002: Beverage (STARSHIP Mango Drink)

2004: Tea (SEYLON Tea)

2004: Snacks (SHAAD Kurmure Chanachur)

2012: Candy (Kids Candy)